1. Storage will be standard with solar….

This is by far the most popular question we get, as it makes sense to most people that a battery will help get the most from Solar. The systems we install are battery ready although most batteries are AC coupled which means they have their own inverter which means they can be installed with any Solar system or even where4 there isn’t one.  We would still recommend only installing a battery where you need power in a power cut or have a desire to use as little as possible from the grid. There is also plenty of work using your EV car as the battery so watch this space.

2. …Which means new cost metrics will be needed

Hard to justify the return from a battery as it really increases the cost per KW

3. Do you have an app for that?

All our systems come with an APP to monitor production and consumption. Its great fun to watch your generation in action.

4. Net costs going up, not down (for now)

Its a good time to install, lock in your install now

6. One brand for batteries and inverters

This makes sense and we will see more announcements this year. We are looking forward to the enphase ensemble launch.

7. No standard energy system interface

Siri, turn on my dishwasher when my solar starts exporting. If you have tried this you will realise this is still some time away

8. Predicting battery performance will remain challenging

performance of battery systems depends on many more variables (temperature, utility rates, building consumption, battery reliability, operating characteristics), making it easier to oversell the benefits of these systems , thats why we are solar first, start locking in savings and then install the battery down the track.

9. Still waiting for vehicle-to-grid

A second hand Nissan Leaf is still the cheapest battery there is. That with a bi-directional charger and you have your home storage on wheels

10. The dawn of commercial and industrial storage

Super capacitors, Lithium Demand response will mean more local storage on both a residential and industrial level.